CAFE by day, BAR and LIVE MUSIC VENUE BY NIGHT Johnny Brown's has quickly established itself as one of the coolest music venues in Brisbane. An intimate place where you can be you. A place where you can write on walls and furniture and whatever else is in your reach. Art adorns the walls, musicians and artists have a licence to express themselves to the fullest. A super cool space in every way! Drop in and check it out.

  • "Promoting local talent is at the heart of Johnny Brown's, whether through artworks that line the wall, the musicians and performers on stage …"

    Weekend Edition
  • "Relax on the leather lounge, park on a pew or pull up a stool in this cool den and enjoy exceptional Coffee - a special blend dubbed 'Poets … The bar offers boutique wines and beer including a signature ale [crafted especially for Johnny Brown's]. And last but not least enjoy the entertainment on offer including but not limited to live music, DJ sets, art exhibitions, book launches and live theatre."

    Must Do Brisbane
  • "The house art is a beard with a pipe sticking out of it, the house blend is called 'Poets', there's black and white photography on the walls and a mysterious red curtain covering the back wall - Johnny Brown's is onto some beatnik boutique ... business right here, and all in the heart of the part of the Valley you thought was nothing but mountaineering stores and broken dreams."

    The Thousands Magazine

Upcoming Events

Friday Night Parlour @ Johnny Browns

5th of February 2016

Saturday Beats @ Johnny Browns

6th of February 2016
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